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Smile Direct Club or Invisalign

Posted on 29th November 2019 in Orthodontics

Cheap can be attractive but is it value for money? We tasked our smile experts to weigh up the pros and cons of the Smile Direct Club versus Invisalign and can reveal the outcome below.

If you’ve been searching online for invisible braces you may have come across the Smile Direct Club. You may have even seen their advertising for cheap clear brace solutions around Birmingham, but is the attractive discounted cost really a valuable deal that will provide long-lasting results?

The company has been around for a few years, but the fact that it’s a DIY solution and there is a significant price difference versus Invisalign (the current market leader) should raise a few questions. One of the main differences and most importantly, ONLY Invisalign is provided by qualified dental surgeons and would include the following during an initial FREE consultation.

Smile DirectInvisalign
SupervisionNONEUnlimited dental visits
AlignersThick and uncomfortableVivera custom scalloped
GuaranteeNONE GIVEN100% satisfaction guarantee
AttachmentsOneAll included
Retainers£70 every 6 months2 free retainers included FOC
Impressions£39Included FOC
Single Cost£1499£2950
12 treatment instalment cost£1639£2950

Braces Consultation

Smile Direct Club Consultation

The Smile Direct Club does not offer any dental supervision therefore you will need to organise an initial consultation yourself. Before any dental treatment it is important to seek professional advice and having invisible braces fitted is no different. Any dental or oral heath issues will need to be resolved prior to an aligner treatment to ensure a successful outcome. Should any complications arise during treatment you will also need to refer back your personal dentist for help.

Invisalign Consultation

A qualified dental surgeon will carry out a preliminary consultation and oversee your treatment. During your consultation, any areas of concern will be identified and an appropriate course of action implemented to ensure treatment success.

Book and appointment with a qualified dental surgeon

Pre Treatment – Impressions

Smile Direct Club

Any orthodontic treatment will require an impression of your teeth to be taken. This is a custom mold that is used to create your aligners. The Smile Direct Club will ship out a DIY kit for you to take your own impression and return it to them.

This is a key stage to your corrective treatment and whilst it’s uncommon, incorrect molds can happen and can lead to an irregular and unsuccessful outcome. With Smile Direct the responsibility lies with you.


Invisalign take a detailed digital scan of your mouth using iTero Digital Scan technology to provide accurate impressions. This process is carried out by a certified Invisalign dentist to avoid a ‘bad mold’ and your individual treatment plan is created based on your desired outcome and timeframe.

Starting your aligner treatment

Smile Direct Club

Following the submission of your mold, the Smile Direct Club will send all your aligners in one package. Should you lose an aligner you will need to contact their customer support, which is available online and over the phone, to request a new aligner that will be chargeable to you.


Once your aligners have been created you will attend a free demonstration appointment to learn how to effectively clean, insert and remove them. The clear aligners are Vivera custom scalloped and are designed to enfold your teeth. They are much thinner than any other make and include small tooth-coloured attachments that enable your teeth to move during the treatment.

An Invisalign Treatment Coordinator will be available seven days a week to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. This is often the case during the initial few days as you get used to your new aligners.

Book and appointment with a qualified dental surgeon

Finishing your clear braces treatment

Smile Direct Club

Retainers are recommended following a teeth-reshaping treatment. The Smile Direct Club charges £70 for each retainer and a new set is recommended every six months.


A set of two Invisalign retainers are included as standard in your aligner treatment. The retainers are designed to last you a lifetime due to quality and durability. All follow up appointments during and after your Invisalign treatment form part of your package.

Composite Bonding & Teeth Whitening

As qualified dental surgeons we able to complete your smile maker with additional treatments should they be required. When moving teeth, they can become uneven and teeth contouring can smooth out minor imperfections. We also offer a variety of teeth whitening treatments, only available from dental professionals.

Find out more

As one of the largest Invisalign providers across Birmingham and the West Midlands, Bhandal Smile Studio have treated 1000s of patients to create a winning smile with straighter teeth.

Contact the team to find out more and book a FREE face-to-face smile consultation on site with one of our highly qualified, cosmetic dental surgeons..

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Smile Direct Club or Invisalign

Cheap can be attractive but is it value for money? We tasked our smile experts to weigh up the pros and cons of the Smile Direct Club versus Invisalign and can reveal the outcome below.

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