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Winter Offer on Teeth Whitening

Posted on 30th December 2019 in Teeth Whitening

Bhandal Smile Studio and White Dental Beauty have joined up to offer all our existing and prospective customers a winter special offer .

Teeth whitening for £200, you too can have a white Christmas. 

Christmas and the New Year is definitely the time to sparkle so make sure you have a smile to dazzle with our winter teeth whitening offer.

To make sure you start the new year looking and feeling your best, Blackheath Dental Practice is delivering a special offer to customers who want to feel great about their smile this festive season and beyond.

Open to new and existing customers the winter special will certainly give you something to smile about – professional teeth whitening for just £200.

What is White Dental Beauty?

White Dental Beauty is a professional teeth whitening solution that is administered under the care of a dentist. This worldwide brand is known for the quality of its product and is committed to creating a kind yet effective teeth whitening treatment.

Designed to be used with the guidance of a dentist, White Dental Beauty’s teeth whitening gel contains 6 per cent hydrogen peroxide, which allows it to achieve efficient results quickly. The brand offers three different strengths of whitening gel, including a gel that is specially formulated for patients with sensitive teeth.

As a recognised brand and applied under the guidance of your Blackheath dentist, White Dental Beauty is a teeth whitening solution you can trust for quality.

How does White Dental Beauty work?

Following a consultation with your dentist, White Dental Beauty’s whitening gel is applied in the comfort of your own home.

To enable you to do this efficiently and safely Blackheath dentist will have supplied you with tailor-made teeth moulds created from an impression of your teeth.

The gel is put into the moulds, which patients then wear for 30 minutes while the gel takes effect. This is repeated until the course is complete.Your dentist will guide you through the process and explain how to apply the gel, insert and remove the moulds.

How quickly will I see results from White Dental Beauty?

The gels work by lightening the shade of teeth through bleaching, which is why the level of hydrogen peroxide is important.

As White Dental Beauty is made with NOVON® technology - a whitening compound that speeds up the whitening process - results can be see within a short time.

While changes in the colour of your teeth will quickly become visible, it is estimated that two weeks of daily treatment will be needed to achieve the final result.

As the whitening gel lightens your teeth you should expect to see your teeth change to a lighter shade throughout the course of the treatment.

Rediscover confidence in your smile

Feeling unhappy with the way that your teeth look can chip away at your confidence and even stop you from smiling properly. Teeth Whitening is a fast and accessible way to give your smile - and your confidence a boost.

As well as White Dental Beauty, Blackheath Dental Practice offers a number of teeth lightening products, including market leader Enlighten, with treatment costing £475.

Take advantage of our special winter teeth whitening offer and feel fabulous as you start the new year with a new smile.

To book a consultation for White Dental Beauty teeth whitening treatment contact Blackheath Dental Practice on 0121 561 3526.

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