Deciding if Invisalign treatment is right for you

A major concern in adults looking to achieve straighter teeth is visible braces but thankfully there are a number of excellent, discreet options that can help.

Invisible braces’ tick all the boxes when it comes to minimising the appearance of orthodontic braces, great results and maintaining good oral hygiene.

Invisalign has become a byword for discreet teeth straightening using a virtually invisible method to gently but effectively move teeth into alignment.

This treatment now comes with the added benefit that patients can see the predicted end result before their treatment has even begun with the iTero® 3D Scanner.

There are a number of different choices for people looking to straighten their teeth including ceramic or metal fixed braces, lingual braces that are fitted behind the teeth or Invisalign.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign is a particularly popular choice of teeth straightening treatment with adults due to its discreet appearance and flexibility.

Patients having their teeth straightened using Invisalign will have tailor-made aligners created for them that they wear for a set period of time before switching to a new slightly different aligner to continue to move the teeth. This continues until the process is complete.

The aligners can be removed to eat and to brush teeth helping to maintain good hygiene and reduce problems that could lead to decay or staining.

At the end of treatment patients are generally asked to wear a retainer at times to prevent teeth moving over time as they would naturally.

To work out exactly what movement is needed for each individual patient, dentists need to get the shape of the existing teeth – and the ideal end result just right. To do this they traditionally take imprints of the teeth along with x-rays and photographs.

Find out how your teeth will look before treatment begins

However, the introduction of the iTero® 3D Scanner has revolutionised that process. Gone is the mess and discomfort of taking putty imprints as this specialised machine is used to take a 3D scan of the patient’s mouth.

With a wand-type device the iTero® 3D Scanner takes a picture of the inside of the mouth, capturing all the essential information such as bite, teeth spacing and alignment.

Highly accurate, the iTero® 3D Scanner can even cut down on the number of appointments needed with its pinpoint precision.

Then of course, there is the additional bonus that patients can have a sneak preview at how their teeth will look once the Invisalign treatment is complete before even starting it, making every minute worth it.

Suitable for teenagers and adults, Invisalign is a discreet, efficient way to straighten your teeth – while being assured of the end result.

To discuss whether Invisalign treatment is suitable for your teeth contact Blackheath Dental Practice.