Dental Fillings

What are Fillings?

Gum disease is a very common oral condition and affects around three out of four people in the UK over the age of 35 years. The positive news is that far less people suffer from severe gum disease and if good oral hygiene is practiced and regular professional dental checkups take place issues can be discovered early and often reversed.

Blackheath Dental practice offers a comprehensive range of preventative measures and gum disease treatments to patients across the West Midlands.

What types of fillings are available?

Depending on the extent of tooth decay, location of your tooth and the level of repair needed there are a number of filling options.

Dental amalgam fillings, also known as silver or mercury fillings are available on the NHS and use a metallic compound containing mercury and is the most common type of tooth filling.

Cosmetic white composite fillings are gaining popularity because they match the natural colouring of your individual tooth and are bonded to the original tooth structure. White fillings give a natural appearance and require less upfront tooth preparation than traditional metal fillings making them a less destructive restoration choice.

NHS Dental Costs

Band 2 treatment - £65.20

Additional NHS dental treatment including root canal surgery, fillings or tooth extractions are covered in Band 2 as well as any treatment that falls within Band 1.

Do fillings need to be replaced?

Mercury fillings, available on the NHS, are extremely durable and generally won’t need to be replaced unless the tooth and/or filling has been severely damaged. Amalgam fillings will usually be recommended for your back teeth as they are less visible.

White composite fillings are constructed from a plastic resin that is less durable than dental amalgam fillings so may need to be replaced. The frequency of replacement will depend on your oral hygiene routine at home and the regularity of professional dental checkups.

In the case of a broken filling, you should treat this as a dental emergency to reduce the chances of a bacterial infection affecting the tooth and causing you unnecessary pain. Call the practice immediately.

Achieve professional fillings at Blackheath Dental Practice

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