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Emergency Dental Care

Blackheath's Emergency Dental Practice

Emergencies strike when we least expect and when faced with severe dental pain or a broken tooth you need fast access to professional help you can rely on.

In the case of a genuine dental emergency, Blackheath Dental Practice aims to see and provide initial treatment on the same day.

Seeking emergency dental treatment can be essential to preventing further damage if you have been unfortunate enough to suffer a dental trauma, such as breaking a tooth or having a tooth knocked out.

Emergency dental treatments Blackheath and Rowley Regis

Our emergency service

If you suffer a dental emergency a member of the Blackheath Dental team will make you an urgent appointment on the same day wherever possible.

At an emergency appointment the dentist will take immediate action to reduce pain and put in place a temporary repair if needed.

In many cases a dental emergency can be treated successfully at the initial appointment although a follow-up may be required to resolve the problem permanently.

In the case of a dental emergency fast treatment can make all the difference. Don’t suffer in silence, get in touch with Blackheath Dental Practice for a fast solution.

NHS Dental Costs

Band 1 treatment - £23.80

The basic level of NHS dental treatment covers the cost of routine check-ups at the dentist, diagnosis of problems, advice on preventing dental problems and a scale and polish if necessary. Emergency dental treatment such as temporary fillings also cost £23.80.

Band 2 treatment - £65.20

Additional NHS dental treatment including root canal surgery, fillings or tooth extractions are covered in Band 2 as well as any treatment that falls within Band 1.

Band 3 treatment - £282.80

Dental repair work such as fitting dentures, crowns or bridges is covered by Band 3 NHS dental treatment, as well as any treatment that would fall under Band 1 or 2.

Dental emergencies

In the event of suffering any of the following problems contact Blackheath Dental Practice to request emergency dental treatment:

Broken tooth

On breaking or chipping a tooth it is important to seek emergency dental care as soon as possible to minimise any damage and try to save the tooth.

Lost crown or filling

Losing a tooth or crown that has been put in place to protect your tooth leaves that tooth vulnerable to damage and is likely to cause sensitivity and pain. A temporary solution can be applied to protect the tooth.


An abscess is a serious infection in the gum or bone and although they can be extremely painful they may also only cause swelling or sensitivity when eating. Seek emergency dental treatment if you notice a swelling in your gum as the infection can spread and cause damage to the mouth or make you feel unwell.

Bleeding gums

Bleeding or sore gums are often a sign of gum disease, which, if left untreated, can cause serious dental issues including the loss of teeth. Tackling the problem early will help to keep gum disease under control and minimise damage.

Injury or trauma

Suffering a trauma or injury to the mouth can cause complications if left untreated. In the event of having a tooth knocked out or damaged it is imperative to seek urgent dental treatment, which could help to save the tooth.

Swollen face

A swollen face is very often the sign of an infection or abscess in the mouth and treatment should be sought immediately.


Toothache can be sudden and severe or a source of long-running, mild discomfort, either way it needs treatment or the underlying problem could become worse. Decay, infection or a broken tooth could be behind the toothache and urgent treatment is recommended.

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